Our GMB team strives hard to make our service trips affordable for our volunteers. The funds we raise towards our Program Contribution not only help fund the projects during the brigades, but the continuation & follow-up work that is implemented throughout the year. We utilize sponsorship, fundraisers, and scholarships to help subsidize some travel and in-country costs. Below is an estimate of a typical summer service trip to Panama.

Flight: $450*
In-country: $890
HTH Health Insurance: $30

Estimated Total (2015):  $1,370

*Flight rate is estimated based on flight prices from Chicago, Ill. to Panama City, Panama.  In country includes all food, water, lodging, security, in-country transportation, and insurance.

What does the In-Country Cost include?
All food, water, lodging, security, in-country transportation, and insurance (up to $50,000).

What is not included in the In-Country Cost?
Airfare, visas, vaccinations, personal spending money. Additionally, a price of $50.00 will be applied to each brigade volunteer ONLY if we are unable to fundraise all the required medications and supplies needed for the trip.