Our Mission

Our mission is to empower volunteers and under-resourced communities to resolve global health disparities and inspire all involved to collaboratively work towards an equal world.



In accordance with the Global Brigades mission, the IUPUI GMB utilizes a holistic model to collectively implement sustainable health and educational programs to meet a community’s development goals.


1.  Research and Evaluation:  After the development of success indicators, we use program monitoring tools to measure impact. On-going evaluation challenges us to test our assumptions and improve programming.

2.  Community Partnerships:  Programs are done “with,” not “for” community members. Community buy-in and leadership is crucial to the sustainability and success of our programs.

3.  Program Preparation:  Before implementation, staff work with community leaders to establish committees, collaborate with local government, and prepare community volunteers for programs.

4.  Program Implementation:  Our trip!

5.  In Country Staff Follow-Up:  In-between brigades, the national GB staff works with communities to continue momentum, as it takes several brigades to complete programs.

6.  Sustainable Transition:  Once a community meets their country’s success indicators, our relationship evolves from continuous brigades into a partnership of follow-up and guidance. Success includes a direct funding model within the community to maintain and progress programs. Medical Brigades may still visit every 3-6 months in communities that still lack access to local clinics.