Testimonials – healthcare professionals

“I attended to children because I am a pediatrician.  Adults were cared for by two local physicians.  The one thing that was clearly obvious was how well-nourished the children were.  I was also impressed at how seriously they take preventative care.  All the children had their immunization record and growth charts.  Almost all of them were up to date in their immunization.  I had a great time attending to the children.  Most of them were there for well-children checks.  The parents were very friendly and quite appreciative.  The accommodation was much better than I anticipated.  The food was superb!!!  The college students’ noble intention was very touching.  The friendliness of the natives was very genuine.”

“It has been a tremendously rewarding experience on several metrics.  I enjoyed watching young college students spending their spring break doing something meaningful.  Interacting with the natives was a height of self-efficacy for me.  I am certain that I got more out of the trip than I gave.”

– Medical Doctor, UNC Chapel Hill

“[Working with the patients in the GB clinic] was great.  The students were engaged, interested, attentive, and responsive.  I would recommend this to anyone.”

-Medical Doctor, University of Arizona

“[Working with the patients in the GB clinic was] very humbling and fulfilling.  It was a privilege to provide care for them.  It gave me great joy to see the fire and passion in the [student volunteers’] eyes.  They were all so eager to learn.  [The Panamanian healthcare professionals] were extremely nice and compassionate.  A most awesome experience!”

-Nurse, Texas A&M University