Thank you for considering to volunteer on our Brigade! We are thrilled to plan our first brigade to Panama this summer, and are eager to recruit passionate and enthusiastic volunteers. Listed below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about  IUPUI GMB.


Who can join?

ANYONE! We encourage undergraduates, graduates, professionals, staff, faculty, alumni, and anyone else (over the age of 18) who wants to contribute their time to volunteering with us! While only registered, full-time students have voting privileges and can participate in leadership positions, anyone with a passion for international service can volunteer with us.

Do I have to be pre-med or pre-dent to join a brigade?

Absolutely not! As mentioned before, ANYONE, regardless of academic or career interests, can join our brigades. While pre-med and pre-dental students are likely to gain more from shadowing medical and dental professionals, anyone will an interest in global health is encouraged to participate.

What do GMB members do on campus?

  • Chapter Meetings:  We utilize meetings to prepare for our brigades, plan in-country logistics, learn about the local culture and history, and develop educational workshops
  • FUNdraise:  We fundraise to not only help reduce individual financial contributions, but also to help subsidize costs for in-country medical professionals (physicians, dentists, pharmacists, etc.), supplies, and medications. We do this through corporate sponsorships as well as hosting organized events throughout the semester
  • Community Outreach:  In addition to providing healthcare to global communities, the IUPUI chapter of GMB is committed to serving our fellow Indianapolis citizens.  By providing opportunities to volunteer at local health clinics, educate youth groups, and raise awareness about the healthcare disparities present in our own communities, we empower volunteers to gain the essential knowledge and skills to facilitate global outreach.

 Am I required to go on the brigade to Panama to become a member of IUPUI GMB?

No. The IUPUI chapter does not require all members to participate in an international service trip. Members are still expected to attend meetings and fundraising events to help plan the summer brigades. However, participating in a brigade is an invaluable experience that fosters both community and individual development. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun!

What leadership opportunities are available and how can I become involved? 

We are actively seeking out new members to join our Executive Board (E-Board) for the 2015 calendar year. As this is the founding year, members have the unique opportunity to participate in building a new organization “from the ground-up”. The E-board positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Committees Chair, and Student Council Representative. In addition to the E-board, we will numerous committees dedicated to event planning, student and professional recruitment, community outreach, and networking. Please email iupuigmb@gmail.com or the President at chandrac@iupui.edu for open positions, descriptions, and further information.